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Custom dyed patches with unlimited color and detail

These blank patches are for use ONLY with EMBROIDERY and all have a WHITE BACKGROUND ONLY. There was a mistake in the mill's construction of these such that they cannot be used in our dye sublimation process, but they are perfectly good for embroidery.

$.50 for standard sizes and $1.50 for oversized while supplies last.
Please be sure to double-check on the quantity we show on hand of these embroidery-only blanks.

Make us an offer on purchasing the entire lot, at an even greater discount.
Suggested price: 2000 patches, many oversized, for $500. This is $.25 each.

If these quantities and shapes still are not sufficient for your needs, remember to check our regular blank patches page as well as our Leftover List.

All are standard size ($.50) unless marked OVERSIZE ($1.50)  
Circle, 6", Black Edge Patch OVERSIZE 13
Circle, 8", Black Edge Patch OVERSIZE 45
Circle, 8", White Edge Patch OVERSIZE 33
Oval, 3"x4", Black Edge Patch 60
Oval, 3"x4", Navy Edge Patch 15
Oval, 3"x4", White Edge Patch 31
Oval, 6 3/4 x 11, Black Edge Patch OVERSIZE 35
Rect., 2.5x4, Red Edge Patch 93
Rect., 2x5.25, White Edge Patch 9
Rect., 3"x4", Black Edge Patch 90
Rect., 3"x4", Navy Edge Patch 69
Rect., 3"x4", White Edge Patch 53
Rect., 3"x10", Black Edge Patch OVERSIZE 12
Rect., 3"x12", Black Edge Patch OVERSIZE 21
Rockers, 3"x12.25", Black Edge Patch OVERSIZE 26
Shield Rnd Top, 3"x3.5, White Edge Patch 32
Square, 3", White Edge Patch 61
Square, 4", White Edge Patch 68
All are SEW-ON and all have a WHITE BACKGROUND  


QTY     Standard size patch, for embroidery ONLY, white background, $.50 - give shape/size/edge:
QTY     Oversize patch, for embroidery ONLY, white background, $1.50 - give shape/size/edge: