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Custom dyed patches with unlimited color and detail

If you have looked very far, you know that it is unusual to get your custom shape, size, and with a stitched edge on a small order with no minimum at an affordable price.
special order regular shape patch detail of special order dyed patch

A special order patch is a good option when you have a "regular" shape onto which a merrowing machine can stitch an edge.

If your shape is "regular" with no inside turns, and if you don't mind paying more, and if you can wait the additional 7-10 days for us to send out and receive back your special order patches, then we can get edged patches in your desired size and shape.

"Irregular" shapes cannot have a merrowed stitched edge, and the best option is a non-edged or to place your design inside another shape such as a circle or rectangle.

A "regular" shape is something with a few corners and curves, such as ovals, squares, circles, rectangles, triangles, shields, rockers, etc. All their shapes are convex, meaning a merrow edging machine can go around the outside of all the corners.

An "irregular" or "unusual" shape is something with filigrees, banners, stickouts, etc. If some of the shapes are concave, meaning they turn inward, then a merrow edging machine will not work. Here is an example. It can only be done as a non-edged, or inside a regular shape such as circle or rectangle.

patch shape cannot be merrowed

In most of our work we do not need to see your design to give you a quote. For special ordering where you require a stitched edge, we probably do need to see it in order to give you your options accurately.

Up to 15 square inches (3"x5") are standard size, 16-80 square inches (8"x10") are oversize, over 80 square inches (up to 12"x17") are oversize PLUS

Allow at least 7-10 days extra time

Prices are for each patch, sew-on backing
Iron-on: Add $1.50 standard size, $5 oversized, $9 oversized plus       Velcro hook: Add $2.50 standard size, $7.50 oversized      Fabric glue: Add $3-$7
Shipping/handling starts at $4.25 for up to 5 patches. FREE SHIPPING for orders > $50 if you have at least 12 days.
Size QTY = 1 2-5 6-15 16-25 26-50 51-100 Over 100
Standard size, up to 15 square inches $19.95 $14.25 $10.00 $8.75 $6.95 $6.10 $5.50
Oversized, up to 80 square inches $30.00 $30.00 $27.00 $26.00 $25.00 $24.00 $23.00
Oversized plus, more than 80 square inches $35.00 $35.00 $32.00 $31.00 $30.00 $29.00 $28.00

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I just wanted to let you know my husband loves the shop patches you made. He likes them so much he said he may order more for some other shirts of his GREAT JOB thanks!!! :) S.S., GA


Permanently Dyed, Durable, Outlast Garment

Why Would I Want Dyed, Not Embroidered?

We Do Not Make Embroidered Patches

Below are photos of embroidered patches we were asked to reproduce, with the embroidered on the left and our dye sublimation versions on the right. We sometimes add drop shadows to text to simulate three-dimensionality. Note that the lettering is actually more readable and the map is more accurate and detailed in our dyed version.
embroidered vs. dyed patches
compare embroidered to dye sub
compare embroidered text to dyed text

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