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Custom dyed patches with unlimited color and detail

We accept files which can be read by CorelDraw and Adobe Photoshop.


We can read the following file formats:

We CANNOT read Publisher files (PUB). You should send a JPG or PDF if you are using this program.

We do not print directly from DOC(x) or PPT(x) files but will use them as a guideline for setting up your art.

Our current preference for graphics is PDF because it is a common format and often comes in to us as vector, allowing us to modify it for production if needed. We are equally happy to receive a layered Photoshop file.

We do NOT need to see your assumed outline of the patch because we will have to remove it anyway and we will need more background. If you want to send both your desired final result, and then without showing us where you think the edge will hit, that gives us the most information and flexibility.

A TIF image (.tif) is usually best for photos, and more pixels are better than less. An EPS or AI image is usually best for graphics as it retains the smooth curves. A PDF image is best if you created your design in a newer version of Microsoft Publisher.

We like to work with files of 150-300 dpi. For oversized patches, we need an image you have sized to at least 6x8 so that we can enlarge it without jaggies. This will usually be in the range of 5mb - 7mb, although you can compress that with a program such as Winzip such that you're emailing only 3mb - 5mb. For all other patches, we can work with a smaller image and file size of 1mb - 4mb uncompressed.

We use RGB files in a Windows environment. If you have particular spot colors we need to achieve, you can send Pantone colors and we will adjust our print to come very close to those colors. It is critical that we have RGB or Pantone rather than CMYK colors.

Please do not pre-crop your image, even to show what it should look like with the patch border. We usually need more background than people realize. Here are the size guidelines if you are preparing your art:

Some companies pride themselves on how rough a sketch they can turn into a beautiful patch. Although we are quite skilled with our software, we expect art to be in usable form because we do not charge a setup or art fee or require a minimum order.  We will gladly do minor touch-ups, enhancements, and text resets, but we do not create art from scratch or from rough pencil sketches.

When in doubt, email us! If we get an image that won't work well, we will contact you before producing a patch we don't think you will be happy with.