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Custom dyed patches with unlimited color and detail

What is the privacy policy for my designs, my payment information, my email address?

We gather your email, phone, and address so we can ship your order and contact you if there is a problem.

We are not "direct marketeters" and do not buy or sell lists. We also do not place or accept links on other web sites.

We do not send bulk emails or "please come back" or "10% off" emails. A communication from us is specifically about your order.

Many of our customers reorder since they are happy with our products and service. We do not store your credit card but through our processor we can access it up to two years, so you can simply email us about a reorder. We keep your design on file for at least that long. We backup our files regularly, so we actually have about anything we've ever made for you available if you want to order it years later.

We use a secure shopping cart to gather your credit card information. If your credit card declines, we ask you either to call in or use a secure link to provide a different card. You should never put a credit card number into a regular email, as it is not a secured transmission.

Designs that you send us are your designs. We do not use them on other people's orders.

We get many letters from happy customers, and we might use your quote on one of our pages, with only your initials and state identified.

If we think your design turned out particularly well, we might ask you if we can picture it on our web site as an example of the work we can do. We will picture it only if you give us permission.

This is not privacy policy per se, but it is important information we think could be repeated here: We honor copyright law and will not reproduce something to which you do not hold the copyright. We also will not make something we consider lewd, profane, risque, or simply over the line of good taste.