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Custom dyed patches with unlimited color and detail

Welcome to our gallery of dye sublimation fabric patches which shows the capabilities of our dye sub printing process. In some cases the design could not have been made at all with an embroidered patch.

Click or tap on any image to get a close-up look at our custom dye sublimation patches.
No minimum order. One small patch $14.95, one large patch $21. Quantity discounts at 2, 6, 16, 26, 51, over 100.

Embroidery Can't Do
(But We Can)
reproduce single military patch for jacket reproduce unusual shape patch reproduce detailed logo reproduce student and childrens art reproduce patch art without simplifying photo patch logo patch with gradient design dye a pattern into a patch border reproduce art on a patch
Cheer patches custom cheer patch personalized cheerleading patch custom cheer flyer emblem custom competitive cheer award patch
Camp patches space camp patch hiking patch
Club patches microlight club patch rabbit club patch Zombie Squad HQ patch in red dye sublimation club patch
Costume patches costume name tag SGSF costume patch
Event patches goodwill event patch fishing event patch skills clinic patch dye sub event patch
Logo patches fabric logo patch fire logo patch sublimated logo emblem
Martial Arts patches Shinja martial arts patch martial arts patch fabric patch martial arts studio patch
Memorial patches sublimated custom memorial patch sports uniform tribute memorial patches memorial patch with nickname memorial photo patch memorial patch with logo
Military patches vietnam service ribbon badge military patches for jacket military unit patch 
Motorcycle patches motorcycle nickname patch motorcycle patch sublimated patch with year rocker
Name patches custom name patch sublimated name and logo patch name patch club officer
Photo patches custom photo patch  military service bars photo patch memorial run photo patch
Scout patches scout campout patch scout camp patch scout achievement badge scout name patch
Shop patches shop patch jacket patch logo patch 
Team patches cheer patch hockey patch team patch
Non-edged patches non-edged custom patch non-edged dog bone patch non-edged custom shape patch